St Monica

Feast Day: 27 August

St Monica - by John Nava

St Monica by John Nava

St Monica was the mother of St Augustine of Hippo, one of the greatest and most influential Fathers – bishops and teachers – of the Early Church. She was probably born in 332 in Tasgate (now Souk Ahras in north-east Algeria). Her family were devout Christians but they arranged a marriage for her with Patricius, who was either a pagan or only nominally a Christian. He was kind but unfaithful yet before the end of his life was baptized. They had at least three children: Augustine, Navigius and Perpetua.Read More…


St Sabina

Feast Day: 29 August

The Basilica of St Sabina - Rome

The Basilica of St Sabina – Rome

The Basilica of St Sabina is one of the most beautiful churches in Rome. It stands on the Aventine Hill, the southernmost of the Seven Hills of Rome, besides a walled garden planted with orange trees, which has a fine view over Rome. The hill, the garden and the basilica are oases of quiet in a busy capital city. St Sabina’s was completed in 432; to enter it is to return to the Early Church. In 1222, it was given by Pope Honorius III to the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) and remains today the headquarters of the Order; the Master of the Dominicans lives in the attached priory. The pope celebrates Mass in the basilica every Ash Wednesday. Read More…